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Internet Access, the 5th “Utility”

Just as people have come to rely on power, sewer, water, and phones in their homes. The Internet has become a necessary “utility” for communication, school, work, and business. Reliable internet has become part of most home buying and apartment selection decisions. BOIP recognized this fact of modern life 12 years ago and has provided lower cost, reliable internet to residents, builders, and property owners ever since.

For decades the choice of an Internet service provider was limited to the big three, Verizon, Comcast, and AT&T. BOIP offers a first class all fiber-based internet architecture that allows for revenue sharing or sub-metering.

The following Use Cases will explain how BOIP can be the leading internet provider in your home, business, or school.


BOIP Use Case #1

BOIP Use Case #1

Within large developments, it is the responsibility of the builder to provide a quality internet infrastructure to ensure the saleability of the property.


BOIP Use Case #2

BOIP Use Case #2

Companies have found that employees are more productive given the opportunity of teleworking.


BOIP We offer True Streaming Internet service to meet your in-home WiFi needs. Our service packages are designed with your budget in mind.

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