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At BOIP we realize that your business not only needs a reliable Internet connection that exceeds expectations but also to have a partner and provider that offers comprehensive solutions for all of your business requirements.

Our BIZ2IP portfolio is aligned with our Customers’ Business Model Objectives:


  • Growth: Our solutions are designed to help our customers grow their businesses faster and enable them to expand into new markets.
  • Efficiency: We enable our customers to improve the efficiency of their mission-critical business operations
  • Security: We provide our customers with genuine peace of mind because they trust that BIZ2IP solutions are secure and reliable.

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Our customer service team will be ready to answer your questions about how our Business Solutions with increase the speed and productivity of your internet needs.




Robust and Reliable Wireless Internet Service that delivers mission-critical applications, provides voice and video over a single IP connection and enables next-generation technologies such as cloud computing and unified communication.

  • No Phone Lines Needed
  • Superior Customer Service
  • Always-On” Connection
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • Quick and Easy Installation
  • Supports VoIP Service
  • Supports a VPN Connection
  • Static IP Address Available
  • Secure, Encrypted Connection
  • Available in Most Rural Areas
  • Complimentary Email Account
  • Perfect for Home or Office-based Businesses


In today’s competitive business market, it’s hard to successfully conduct business without a computer. But merely having a computer doesn’t solve the problem either, as you then need to have the right and best software to not only run computers but also to allow your staff achieve their goals in the most optimal way. But with so many vendors out there how do you find the right company that you can trust and will take the time to explain to you all of the options and variables available to you and your company?

Whether it is a single computer or a full network of them, BOIP can design, quote prices, and set up your computer, along with a stable network to support it. We will help you choose what type of Internet connectivity best suits your business, and provide diagnostic Network troubleshooting, cabling, firewalls, security, as well as termination for your business. So when it comes to your computer and network needs, contact BOIP for a consultation

BOIP We offer True Streaming Internet service to meet your in-home WiFi needs. Our service packages are designed with your budget in mind.

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