11/5/2021: We are currently working through a large network outage affecting a portion of our customers. We have a complete list of the accounts affected and are working quickly to prepare replacement equipment. If you are having connectivity issues and would like to check to see if it is related to the outage, please contact our support line at 804-496-1716 or email support@boip.us. We have brought on additional team members to help with the increased call volume. We will be contacting you by email and phone when your replacement equipment is ready for deployment. Thank you for your patience while we work to resolve this outage as quickly as possible.

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We offer True Streaming Internet service to meet your in-home WiFi needs. Our service packages are designed with your budget in mind.

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Your business demands High Speed internet that is secure, reliable, and scalable. Biz2IP offers Business-class internet and technology solutions and support for the next-generation needs of today's businesses.

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Our Next-Generation Streaming Internet service (NGSI) provides 250% more throughput, for the same subscription rate, than our coaxial competitor. How??? The latency you experience on our competitors’ networks make a comparison of our services, apples to oranges at best!!!

The over-subscription practices that they have plus the significantly lower capabilities of their network routers makes for a considerably inferior experience for customers. And when it comes to our customers, with BOIP you truly do come first.
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