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What is Wireline?

Often referred to as broadband service, Wireline Service uses cables, or data lines, to connect service to your office space. Wireless service doesn’t use cables, so it’s available anywhere, anytime. This provides an efficient connection for a variety of VoIP services and HD audio streams. Wired ports are best used for desktops, computer labs, and any other area with designated workstations.

  • Compatibilities with other office equipment, like alarms, fax machines, and PCs
  • Unlimited local calling available in most locations
  • Unified messaging is available in some regions. (Unified messaging provides a single mailbox where you can access and manage email, voicemail, and faxes.
  • Plans available for low-income customers
  • E911 support to provide your exact address and phone number to emergency services

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BOIP We offer True Streaming Internet service to meet your in-home WiFi needs. Our service packages are designed with your budget in mind.

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